July 10, 2024

“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!”

I don’t actually know where this saying originated from but it is very much the motto in Germany – my own home country. What would be considered winter temperatures here in Australia would be about the average there at any given day during 10 months of the year.

While I’m not a fashion expert in any way, there are still a few things I have picked up from my experience as a photographer and a citizen of a country where the idea of leaving the house without a jacket is inconceivable.

Here is the thing: Winter is my favourite fashion season of the year! What I love about it are the different textures we get to play with, as well as layers, styles and cuts. In summer it is sometimes all about picking the one airy and light piece in your wardrobe that makes a humid day more bearable. In winter it is finally time to have fun and get creative!

The best thing about winter fashion are all the extra layers and textures. Once we start adding layers and textures to our outfits, we start adding interest to our images and create a story that tells of moody, cosy winter adventures.

So here are two outfit formulas that really work:

A) Start your outfit with a trendy jacket or elegant coat and then build the rest of your outfit from there. Usually we pick a dress and then decide what jacket might go with that and it sometimes doesn’t work the way we had in mind. Starting with a trendy jacket or beautiful coat and working your way backwards is an absolute game changer and will make it so much easier for you to put your outfit together.

Here are some examples of an incredible family I recently had the honour of capturing:

B) Build your outfit with warmth, textures and layers in mind. Again, we’re not picking a summer dress and hoping to make it work with a jacket (although that’s also great if you can make it work like that!). Instead, we are building an outfit as a whole, including layers and textures to add more interest to our images.

Here is what I mean:

What both families have in common in their styling are beautiful textures, layers, jackets/coats and earthy, neutral tones that vibe with the season.

Overall, this is what it comes down to: Leaning into the season you are in to tell a story that is authentic and genuine.

There is so much to love about winter: Nature is just as beautiful, beaches are far less crowded and the lower angle of the light brings softer light and sunsets that are extra magical.

The earlier winter sunsets that don’t interfere with bed-time routines of families with young children is also a bonus.

No need to wait until the warmer temperatures to capture some beautiful memories when all you have to do is embrace and enjoy each season and the unique advantages they all bring.

There is no bad weather, but plenty of suitable clothes.

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